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Maintaining Your Garage Floor Epoxy 

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If you’re similar to any other property or homeowner, you probably know how simple it is for an exposed concrete garage floor to be stained, dusty, and dirty. In terms of cleaning garage floors, you need to invest in costly chemicals just to eliminate stains. At times, pressure washers might be needed to ultimately clean your garage floors. If you’re now tired of taking care of excessive maintenance bills just to maintain the cleanliness of your garage, then a garage floor epoxy is the key.  

What is epoxy? 

Epoxy is a nonporous and seamless solution that’s resistant to almost all risks that can possibly track in the dirt in your garage and allow it to stay there. In this article, we will discuss how epoxy can help with cleaning and maintaining your garage floors: 

Reasons why concrete becomes dirty 

Before we start talking about how epoxy can maintain your garage, let us first know the reasons why bare concretes becomes dirty. The ultimate reason why concrete is extremely prone to stain is that concrete is a very porous material. Because of this, it allows the liquids to easily pass through. In such pores, liquids can pass through. As a result, it leaves pigmentation behind that seems almost impossible to remove without the help of the experts and professional tools. 

Moreover, this is why it’s so simple for tire marks to take place on your garage floor. Tires are made out of petroleum. Hence, if they are exposed to hot surfaces for long, they can possibly leave trails behind that are resistant to the water of your concrete’s pores.  

Nonporous and seamless 

The nonporous and seamless design of the finish is among the greatest advantage you can get if you use an epoxy system in your garage. This means there won’t be any liquid that can absorb its surface that can possibly leave stains.  This will keep your concrete resistant to oil stain, pet stains, and accidentally dropped liquids from your kids that can take place anywhere.  

We are aware that other property owners usually utilize chemicals in the garage as well. However, if you have epoxy, it can still make your floor resistant to the potential effects of chemicals being dropped on your flooring. This can make degreasers like brake cleaner and battery acid impossible.  

Tips to keep your epoxy clean 

Epoxy is a material that can easily be maintained because of its design compared to concrete. With concrete, you will be needing a whole lot of time, harsh chemicals, and pressure washers. On the other hand, if you have epoxy, the maintenance is guaranteed to be cost-effective and simplified. All you’ll be needing for the epoxy flooring’s regular maintenance is a dust mop or bristle broom to get rid of any accumulated debris and dust on the surface. When you currently use a textured epoxy, a vacuum with a bristle attachment or regular broom can be utilized. After sweeping the surface clean, remove any grime on its surface with a wet mop with a Ph neutral cleaner.  

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